Animal Behaviour Matters


Jade Fountain is a qualified animal behavioural trainer who applies the science of learning and behaviour to help you understand and solve animal behaviour problems. She incorporates methods and concepts from a background in psychology and applied behaviour analysis, with training techniques that are modern, scientifically based (positive reinforcement focus) gentle and effective in shaping any animalís behaviour from fish to elephants for long term solutions.

Common problems experienced across all species we live with may include fears/anxiety, aggression, handling issues, social issues, excessive vocalisation, boredom, toileting problems and attention seeking behaviour.

All aspects of your pet's environment, management, lifestyle and history will be taken into consideration to develop an effective behaviour and training programme that is tailored to both you and your pet's individual needs.

Jade works with all species whether they are experiencing behavioural problems or you just want to achieve a better bond, including domestic pets, livestock, reptiles, fish, poultry, exotic  and native animals.

Please contact Jade to arrange a consultation.

Services which can be provided include:

  • Behavioural consultations